Jobbase.io came up with a request for a user-friendly app that perfectly automates the hiring process for recruiters and teams by providing a single platform for managing all job openings, tracking applications and candidates, automating communication with candidates, scheduling interviews, and more.

The solution lies in creating an intuitive app that simplifies the shortlisting process by displaying stats like matching the percentage and average job score of each candidate and displaying an ascending rate of candidates.

The result was an increase in key metrics and improved customer satisfaction and retention rates.







Jobbase.io is an app that allows easy management of job postings and hiring.



Challenge & Solution


The task

Jobbase.io is a recruiting platform that helps businesses to optimize their recruitment process. It's hard to sort through hundreds of applications and sift through similar resumes. They had an existing form that took too long to fill out and CTAs that were not visible or actionable. That's why users had been struggling to post jobs on multiple platforms efficiently through Job base.

The solution

Masterly helped Jobbase to post jobs on multiple platforms in one go by using simple forms that allow them to enter all relevant details about each posting quickly and easily — including what channel(s) they want it posted in and where they want it shared (e.g., social media). We also made sure the CTAs are visible at all times — so the only thing left for them to do is hit "publish"!

Challenge & Solution

Work process

The task

When we began working with Jobbase, we found that managers on different levels needed help. There were no marking criteria to decide between candidates whose backgrounds were similar.
We realized there was no way to keep track of all the useful info from each interview step—the interviewers would have to write it down somewhere else or try to remember it all moreover, there was no way to share feedback between managers on multiple levels.
The company wanted to know which channels were bringing in the best applicants and how they could improve their performance on each channel.

The solution

We created a solution: keep all useful info in the candidate's file, display scorecards after each interview step so everyone can see how well they did, and allow all interviewees to download their CVs, so they can check out their scores as well!
Masterly was able to help Jobbase.io by setting up a visual dashboard that displays the number of applicants from each channel, as well as the percentage of closed jobs on each channel.
We also set up key metrics that help Jobbase.io track their performance over time and identify areas for improvement.
When they implemented changes, they were able to:
- reduce the time taken to shortlist candidates by over 10%
- Cut down on unnecessary phone calls and emails with candidates

Design Process

Design process is a way of figuring out what we need to do, then doing it. Along the way we try to achieve a goal.

Our design process consists four key phases such as research, insights, brainstorming and prototyping.

Information architecture

To understand how app will work       and which pages will be included we also determine the right organization and user flow.

We always focus on organizing, structuring, and labeling content in the most effective and sustainable way.

HMW approach

How to simplify the shortlisting process?

Display Matching Percentage

Display ascending rating of candidates

Calculate the average score of each interviewee

How to keep internal candidate history clear?

Keep all useful data in candidate’s profile

Display scorecards after each interview step

Allow all interviewees to download CV

How increase job posting speed?

Use simple job posting form

Post one vacancy in all selected channels at one time

Use visible CTAs that start posting

How to identify the most cost-efficient channels?

Display amount of applicants from each channel

Count the percentage of closed positions from each channel

Display key metrics

Design system

As app has a lot of pages and screens to design, comes a dire need for us to streamline design work. So, we robust design systems to manage designs.

We created component library, pattern library and made a style guide.

Web & Mobie app design

Well organized UI/UX design helps company get better results in the long run. This translates to better indicators for company.

Masterly team had to create app that   is  is intuitive and easy to use, and produces an overall positive experience for the user.