UX/UI Design for Finance Mobile App with AI
Mobile App Design


- Delivered a complete mobile app prototype from initial wireframes.

- Created a unique logo and cohesive mobile app design.

- Achieved a user-friendly, visually appealing interface that met the client's vision.


- Translating rough wireframes into a polished, functional prototype.

- Ensuring the design was both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

- Iterating quickly based on client feedback to refine the final product.

Despite these challenges, our team successfully delivered a prototype that exceeded client expectations, laying a strong foundation for the app's future development.


This mobile app dashboard design provides users with a comprehensive financial overview through a clear balance display and dynamic graphs, which highlight income and spending trends using intuitive color coding.

Users can easily switch between yearly, monthly, and custom views, manage multiple accounts, and keep their expenses in check, all facilitated by a user-friendly interface and a bottom navigation bar with intuitive icons for seamless navigation.

These design solutions aim to enhance usability, promote better financial habits, and ensure efficient financial management with minimal effort.


The "Light" logo is designed to encapsulate the essence of illumination in the realm of finance.

Drawing inspiration from forms associated with a lamp and lighter, the smooth, flowing shapes symbolize a tool that brings clarity and brightness into financial management.

The vibrant orange hue further emphasizes energy and enlightenment, reflecting the app's mission to guide users out of the complexities and darkness of financial uncertainties.

This logo stands as a beacon of simplicity, innovation, and guidance, embodying the app's core values and its commitment to making financial management an enlightening experience.

Customer Journey Map

We recognized the importance of understanding and optimizing the entire user experience, despite starting with the wireframes provided by the customer.

Our approach to customer journey mapping (CJM) went beyond the basics to ensure a smooth and valuable user experience.

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